A two-seater light helicopter
with excellent flying

Received type certificate
in 2006 (ТП-0008)

The helicopter accomplished a full test cycle
and authorized for private and commercial
flights in Ukraine and other countries,
where this certificate is valid.

PDF, 47 pages Download a full technical description

Has been successfully used for

Private flights
Guided tours
Agricultural / farming soon
For example, in Africa our helicopters are used for pilot and police trainings, but mostly AK1-3 were bought for private flights.

Even there is one helicopter in possession of the family of the Abu-Dhabi Sheikh.

AK1-3 is the most agile in
its class

Maneuverability and stability are contradictable characteristics to each other, but we have succeeded to design a helicopter which possesses these two qualities at the same time

It flies excellently in the cold and heat

According to the certificate
from −18˚С to + 35˚С, and in
fact from −35˚С to + 48˚С

The first 4 helicopters were sold to South Africa.
During service, it became clear that for hot climate conditions and intensive loads we must modify design and improve the helicopter’s characteristics. We developed the modification program, changed some elements of construction, conducted tests.

During AK1-3 Test Flights particular attention was given to the hovering mode test. In this mode there is no forced draught of airflow and from this arises the maximum engine working load.

Now as a result of 2 years work we have a helicopter which has proved itself even in harsh conditions such in Africa where there is a lot of dust and high temperatures. And today there are already 20 our helicopters in Africa.

Where can you see it in real life?

Regional centers
Countries where already sold AK1-3
For this you need to visit a factory/plant in Ukraine or in one of ours regional centers which are located in China, Poland, France and Africa.

Also, we can try to arrange a meeting with one of our client who lives closest to you to show you a helicopter in real life.

102 helicopters were sold to 21 countries across the globe

Freedom of movement

Replenish the fuel stock at a petrol station with min RON 95 gasoline. Thus, the flight distance nearly unlimited.

You don't need to find where to get aircraft fuel, which is approximately 4 times more expensive and stored in very restricted places.
Fuel consumption

Time-tested Subaru engine

The AK1-3 comes with installed a 2,5 liter boxer Subaru engine with reduced vibration level and low set center of gravity

Ease of control and fast education

The control system is designed in such a way that during the training process a pilot forms right habits, reactions and muscle memory . It is important for flight safety because of two reasons.

Firstly, pilot’s trained on AK1-3 can easilerly learn to control heavyier helicopters. And vice versa, if you already know how to control heavy helicopters, learning AK1-3 will take a few minutes.

Secondly, in extreme situations the pilot does not have time to think about his actions, he acts automatically, that is why instant and right reaction is necessary for safety.

Pushed the button, started the engine, take off

Most of the helicopters available on the market still have a mechanical throttle. This is a relic of the past. In the case of the AK1-3, you just have to get in the helicopter, press the button and fly, as we use the electronically controlled throttle.

Spacious cabin for two people

Even if your height is 2 meters, it will be comfortable to be inside. The cabin is equipped with heating and ventilating systems with winding the glazing. There are 3 types of dashboards to choose.

Secure bearing system

AK1-3 has composite bearing blades with non-linear twist of the profile. It takes only 15 minutes to remove and reinstall the three blades. After that, it is not necessary to remove the screw non-cone and balance it. On most other helicopters, you must call a certified technician to perform balancing. In addition, the bearing system uses a hinged torsion bush. Each torsion bag has 16 plates that cannot collapse at the same time.


— it gives increased
security of thе flight
and maintainability.

Comparing with analogues

Characteristics of helicopters
Schweizer 300C
Maximum flight range
350 km
320 km
354 km
350 km
Maximum flight time
2,6 h
2,2 h
3,3 h
3 h
Max speed
180 km/h
189 km/h
176 km/h
160 km/h
Cruising speed
160 km/h
177 km/h
159 km/h
110 km/h
Maximum rate of climb
8,5 m/s
5 m/s
7 m/s
6 m/s
Maximum payload
252 kg
230 kg
431 kg
240 kg
min RON 95
min RON 95
115/156 kW/hp
93/124 kW/hp
90/142 kW/hp
110/147 kW/hp
Fuel consumption
24-35 l/h
30-38 l/h
35-45 l/h
to 30 l/h

AK1-3 flight characteristics visualizing

Reverse eight
Slip rotation
Demonstration of the figure "Arc"
Demonstration of climb with rotation

Buying steps of a helicopter

Free test-drive (optional)
Choice of equipment
and cost calculation
Deposit and pre delivery
expenses of 50%
Assembly and Testing
the helicopter
On-site assembly
and test flight

In total:

Overall waiting period of a helicopter is from 30 to 70 days. If you make a pre-order, you can save up to 15% of the cost. But in this case the waiting period is from 70 to 180 days. But also terms and prices may differ depends on quantity of buying helicopters and their equipment.

22 years in aviation field

Buying a helicopter it is important to make sure that a selling company already exists for a long time and will not close tomorrow, because in a case of break down your helicopter will become a museum piece.

We are on the market 22 years. Our first helicopter was produced in 1996. Nowadays there are 120 people in our team and we possess the unique protecting and providing technology.

Spare parts and service

During exploitation the helicopter's parts wear out and after a while require replacement. We guarantee to provide full support and necessary service.

There was an incident where one our clients from China decided to fly in hangar, but he didn't' calculate the height of the ceiling and broke a bearing screw. What should he do in this case?

... when repair work is needed there are two options

The client detects the malfunction by himself and orders from us the details, or calls our service group.


Aircraft Developer
Aircraft production
Airworthiness Management and Maintenance Organizations
Maintenance organizations
Aerocopter is a full cycle organization.

From 2011 we possess all needed certificates

About our proecting and production technology

Aerocopter is one of the few companies in the world that has full helicopter design technology. The technology consists of 4 stages.
The external design. First, we define the market needs, operating conditions of the helicopter, describe typical flight profiles, we clearify the loads will affect it. As a result, we create a list of requirements that need to be taken into account in the design. And we get a statement of work for the aircraft development, which meets the airworthiness standards and market expectations.
Preliminary design. Further, when it is already known in what conditions the helicopter will be used, we determine the layout and parameters of the aircraft, do preliminary design of all components and assemblies, create digital models and test them in virtual space. The result of this phase is a conceptual solution.
Aerodynamic and resource calculations. This is one of the most important and complex stages of helicopter design, which helps to understand how the helicopter carrier system will interact with the air flow. We calculate the external and internal loads that act on the design of the helicopter. We calculate the vibrations, resonances and resources of all components and assemblies. As a result, we understand the duration of the life cycle of a helicopter. At this stage, we also describe the dynamics of flight, in order to create a simulator for pilots and flight operation manuals.
Manufacturing and prooving. At this stage, we create production technology and manufacture prototypes. When the prototype is ready, we conduct tests and prove the compliance of the flight characteristics with the specifications
This is how the 3D models of some assemblies and units look like.
Here you can see how the rotor works, and how the air flow is distributed. How they flow around the helicopter's structural elements and what kind of loads they cause. Our helicopter is designed in detail, and we know all the loads that affect it.
Digital calculation model of vibrations and oscillations of the helicopter design elements.
All elements of the structure perfectly interact with the air flow and are not overloaded.
It is very important that the beam is in a calm air flow.
All elements of the structure are under uniform pressure.
A digital model for calculating how a helicopter behaves in response to vibrations.