Cookie policy

On this page you will learn what cookies are and how and when we use them. Definition of the term Cookies Cookies are pieces of data that a web server generates and that a website stores on your user device (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.). Each website or third-party service sends cookies to the browser installed on your device only if your browser allows it. This is possible if you have not set any restrictions in your browser settings to save cookies. Browsers are a very well thought out technology. They protect personal data and allow websites to access only cookies that were previously sent to them. Cookies are divided into: session cookies. They are stored in the memory of the browser only during your session, after leaving the site immediately removed. permanent. They are stored in the memory of the browser for a long time. Definition of the term “browser” A browser is an application for browsing websites. The most popular browsers are Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari. All listed browsers are safe. In the settings of these browsers, cookies can be easily disabled, as well as change the settings of their work. You can: accept all cookies; ask the browser to notify when cookies are used; do not accept cookies. Cookies on and how we use them We use cookies to: our site is more functional; to understand how you navigate on the site, what content you consume better, to develop the content strategy of the site; understand how many visits to the site were per day, month, year. Analyze the geographical identity of users of the site, the number of repeated visits and other data. Cookies that we use on our site. Third-party cookies. The buttons of social networks, videos and some other services of our site are the property of other companies. These companies may also use cookies on your device if you have used them on our site or have been previously registered with them. The privacy policy of the use of personal data by these services can be found on the websites of these services. Blocking cookies All browsers allow simple actions to disable cookies. To disable them, you must go to your browser settings and find cookies in them. But we must remember that blocking cookies can have a negative impact on the performance of many websites. How to delete files You can also always delete cookies that are stored on your computer. To do this, follow the instructions of your browser Again, deleting cookies can have a negative effect on the performance of many websites.